*** NEWS 2007 ***


20-08-07 Arsinka gave birth to our long waited babies !!! 3 boys and 2 girls :o) ! All of them are now in their new homes.

22-10-07 New pics of Antonio and Armani - 8 weeks old. Also new pics of Adinka and Al Pacino (who is now with his new owner - Mrs Eva Zachodilová, in the Czech Republic).


» 03-10-07 Our Dahi became a SLOVAKIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION !!!

» 20-09-07 New e-mail address !!! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

» 17-08-07 New Arsi's pics, day 57 !

» 11-08-07 We were on sono with our "mom" Arsi, and our vet confirmed us 3 - 4 babies ! We add Arsi's pics at 53rd day of pregnancy :-) !
   Also from our Finnish friend Britt-Marie Sundquist, we got super show news ! Skorpan enlarged Skorpan"number" of his champion titles ! Now he is also Swedish Champion ! At Finnish and OliverSwedish Special shows he was declared as "Best Dog 3", plus in Finland he took title "Pharaoh with the best movement" ! At the same show, his son Oliver took BISS Puppy (in competition of 18 another babies, Oliver is only 14 weeks old hey) !!! :o) Well done ! Send you huge congratulations !!! Enjoy their pics !

» 04-08-07 As we promised, new Arsi's pics added ! 6th week of her pregnancy !!! We can not wait the "big day" :o) !!!

» 31-07-07 On Saturday 28.07 we showed our Dahi at Slovakian Club show, in Bratislava. 25 Borzois were entered and judge was Mr Ales Novak from Slovenia. Dahi was firs time presented at open class, where she took 1st place, and took her 5th CAC title !!! In competition "Best Bitch" she contend with another winner females from intermediate, working and champion classes. At the end she took second place - BB2 !!! The judge told, she needs "mature" yet, he praised Dahi's perfect type, movement and head - what he confirmed by another title for Dahi - The best Borzoi head of Club Show 2007 !!! We got a wonderful painting by academic painter Mr. Holecku.
     We also would like to share with you a few pics of our sweet pregnant Arsi :-) !

» 20-06-07 Super NEWS at our kennel! Our beauty Arsi was bred to famous World Winner '06 Skorpan on 19.06 ! For more info about our upcoming litter visit PUPPIES page please. Let your fingers crossed for us, mainly for Arsi :o) ! We add also two new Skorpan's pics.

Senec» 05-06-07 On the Friday 1.06. and on Sunday 3.06 we presented Dahi at two shows. 01.06 was Countrywide show in Sened, SK. 11 Borzois was entered, judge was Mr. Vlastislav Vojtek from Sloak Republic. Dahi WON her class (intermediate) and tood her THIRD CAC !
Nitra03.06 was International show in Nitra, SK. This time was entered 14 Borzois, judge was Mrs. Iveta Vojtekova from Slovak Republic. Dahi made us very proud and happy again, when she took ANOTHER CAC title (intermediate) ! Enojey all pics at Dahi's gallery here :o) !

» 28-05-07 On 26.05. we entered both our girls to official Lure Coursing in Bratislava. At first run was Dahi entered only to train, but because she did great, we changed the second run on official "solo run". Arsi ran as a true pro, so by these two runs she got her "racing licence" ! The judge told, that both our girls have wonderful potential !!! We are proud of them hey :o) ! For more pic click on their names.

» 14-05-07 Show news again ! INT show in Bratislava, called: Springdanube (SK). Judge was Mr. Erdos László from Hungary. Total number of presented Borzois was 17. Our Dahi was presented at intermediate class which she won and took her second CAC !

» 08-05-07 On 6.5.2007 was our Dahi presented at Show in Banska Bystrica (SK). She was entered at intermediate class, where she took first place plus her first CAC title !!! Judge was Mrs Iveta Vojtek (SK). Total number of Borzois was 13. BOB took her half-brother  CH SR Cupressus Bistkupstwo. CONGRATULATIONS !!!

» 21-04-07 We add a few pictures of Arsi and Dahi again, these pic are taken at our garden in hamlet called Trebostovo (SK). At a few pic you can also see a local wonderful church :-) !

» 07-04-07 Today was really wonderful sunny day, so we of course decided take a few pics of our princesses :-) ! We hope you will enjoy them !

» 19-03-07 On Sunday 18.03. we visited National show in Nitra (SK). We entered our Dahi to intermediate class, where under Slovakian judge Mr Stefan Stefik, she took Excellent 2nd rating with title reserve CAC !

» 03-02-07 Meet our Arsi's brother - Ich, CZ JCh, CZ Ch, Club Ch, European Junior W''03, Pragua W, World Racing Ch, multi CCs, CACIBs, BOBs Amenardis Farafra, who won TOP Ten CZ Pharaoh hound 2006 ! Our Arsi won this prestigious title here in Slovakia ! Huge Congratulations !!!

» 26.-27.01-07 A few wonderful pictures of our dog ladies added - Dahi and Arsi: coursing in Rudná p/Pradedem, CZ summer '05 and holidays at our cottage in Trebostov '06. Have a joy :o) !

» 07-01-07 A new link. Although it is not a "dog" web :-) and on the top of all just now it is only in Slovakian language (English version coming soon), so we are sure you will enjoy it ! My sister's kennel of British cats.

» 02-01-07 From our dear friends we got many of wonderful Christmas and New Year's greetings cards ! Thank you for them all !

» 19-12-06 World Dog Show 2006 - results with pics added.

» 16-12-06 A summary of Arsi and Dahi's show seasons 2006 added ! Both of them acquired many of wonderful titles, and we are very proud of them ! The most wonderful of Arsi's titles probably are: Grand Champion, Club Winner, BOG4, Slovakian Winner (this title she took already for two years!) ! On the top of all, in competition of "TOP ten Pharaoh Hound '06", Slovakian Sighthound club declared her as a 'Pharaoh Hound Bitch of 2006' + 'Best Pharaoh Hound of the breed' !!! About Dahi we can praise titles as: Junior Club Winner, Junior Slovakian Winner, CAJC. The same like Arsi, was Dahi very successful at competition "TOP ten Borzoi '06", when she took 'Borzoi Bitch of 2006', and in total placings she was beated by her half-brother Cupressus Bistzkupstwo only ! We are so very much proud of this title the more, as Dahi was all this year presented at a junior class, and even this fact did not impeded that our Dahi beated both of adults - bitches and dogs !!!

» Puppies planned for middle of 2007, reservation taken now. Serious inquiries welcome, for info please contact us.

For 2007 we plan these shows:
   » 17.-18. 3. CAC NITRA + Slovakian Winner
   » 12.-13. 05. CACIB BRATISLAVA
   » 1. 6. CAC SENEC
   » 2.-3. 6. CACIB NITRA
   » 15. 7. CAC KOŠICE
   » 21.-22. 7. CAC Club Sighthound show BRATISLAVA
   » 18.-19. 8. 2x CACIB BRATISLAVA
   » 3. 11. CAC Special Sighthound show NITRA
   » 3.-4. 11. CACIB NITRA
Wish us a good luck :o)